WHERE IN THE WORLD IS A.V.LOUIS? // Year In Review // 2016

As I write this I am cuddled up in front of the fire in Cirencester, a charming town in the Cotswolds that was first chronicled in the Domesday book in 1086. I know, rough life. Tom and I spent Christmas and the new year here with his family. I really loved experiencing an English Christmas and we really enjoyed our first Christmas together!


Castle Street. Cirencester, England. December 2016.
English country lane. Gloucestershire, England. January, 2017.

This past December I finished two years worth of work in 11 months. Yes, that is possible. Extremely exhausting, but possible.

My university experience was fantastic and such an absolute joy. I really recommend if you are looking at graduate school, an adventure, and you love international relations, St. John’s University’s Rome Campus is the way to go. It was an incredible program. I made so many friends and had so many opportunities to live abroad and travel throughout Europe.


In the beginning of the year I arrived with two checked bags and one wheeled carry-on and left with the mess you see above. Also included in the mess is the biggest mess of all, me (lol!). It was a hot December day in Rome and I was having none of Tom’s need to remember a moment where I was so stressed out and sweaty.

Quite a few other things happened in 2016, seeing the Pope, traveling to Paris for my birthday, getting engaged, going back to the States for Thanksgiving, and many other moments that I will share soon.

I will also keep you updated on all of the adventures 2017 has to offer. If 2017 is half as exciting as 2016 was, I’m going to be very happy.


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